About Us

AIPL, a pioneering company, was formed in 2014 by a core team of School of Planning and Architecture(SPA), NIT and IIT Alumni, with a view to improve the planning, analysis, execution and management of projects and processes of public importance. Our focus areas are Traffic & Transportation Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Regional Planning, Environmental Planning, Architecture Design and Implementation, Construction Engineering and Structural Health Monitoring. We have developed an organizational structure that is unique from other firms by establishing a team, consisting of Planners, Engineers & Architects. This provides a staff that not About usonly specializes in serving various government clients, but also helps in understanding the unique problems and concerns of local governments, boards & authority. This is complemented by team of professionals in all technical support disciplines. The synergy between these groups allows us to provide individual service to our community, while at the same time drawing on the expertise of specialists for specific projects, or in developing a project team for larger projects.


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